This module enables you to easily control up to 6 loads over an I2C or SPI interface, while needing minimal resources from your CPU. It can also drive a unipolar stepper motor.
We are using this module to switch some small lightbulbs, and to control a stepper motor. Driving a stepper motor uses 4 outputs, so it is still possible to switch 3 other loads.

When you drive inductive loads there is always a kickback from the inductor when you turn off an output. In the 6FETs there is a scottky diode to the power rails and a capacitor on the power rails to catch this. The "Power" screwterminal is only used for the cathodes of the freewheeling diodes and the capacitor. 

Keep in mind that we use tiny N-FETs, so the load needs to be connected to the power-supply positive and an output of this board. 

The FETs can handle a current of about 1A without any trouble. 

Possible uses:

- DIY CNC machine
- Driving high-power LEDs or incandescant bulbs
- Driving solenoids
- Driving standard motors

The software takes care of driving the stepper motor, you only have to specify how many steps to take, and the delay between steps.

The PCB is equipped with two I2C or SPI connectors, so daisychaining multiple modules is an option.

This allows you to control the FETs with only a few pins. It is also possible to chain multiple modules without the need for more IO pins!
The board can be used with all microcontrollers, such as the Atmel AVR, Arduino/Freeduino boards, Microchip PIC, etcetera. Other computers/boards with an SPI interface (such as the Raspberry Pi) are also be able to control this module.

The module comes with the following connectors:
One male 1x4 I2C connector, and 1 female I2C connector, (one for input, and one for daisy-chaining) (if you chose I2C). 

Two maile 2x3 SPI connectors to daisy chain an SPI bus.  (if you chose SPI). 
Screw connectors for: 

* 6 outputs


* power.

Documentation for the complete PCB

Please note: this board is an evolution of the "7fets" board and we haven't taken new pictures of the 6-fet board yet. So you won't see the capacitor, and the screw connector on the pictures, and you might spot the 7th fet. 

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