Driver PCB for up to 64 common-anode RGB LEDs, or 192 normal LEDs.
The PCB is designed for 1:3 multiplexing of the LEDs, and is equipped with 8 74HC595 shift registers (configured as 4 16-bit deep registers), 64 current-limiting resistors (220 Ohm by default) and 3 FETs to switch the cathode groups on-and-off.
The PCB is equipped with a bitwizard-standard 20-pin IO connector, designed to work together with our USB-multio PCB, but it is also possible to connect our FTDI-ATmega, USB-bigmultio or Cyclone dev board, or one of your own boards.
This is a kit, so you'll have to solder everything yourself. A pre-soldered PCB is available at additional cost.

8 74HC595 Shift register
3 N-channel FET
1 BAT54S Diode
64 220 Ohm resistors
6 1K Ohm resistors
4 10K Ohm resistors
8 100nF capacitors
1 10uF capacitor
4 pushbuttons
1 2x10 header
8 2x6 headers
1 2x4 header
1 1x3 header
1 1x2 header
1 jumper
1 mini-USB connector

Documentation for the complete project

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RGB clock - PCB with Components

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